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Car for Sale in Peru 4000USD negociable (Sonstiges)

Abieri, Samstag, 22. September 2018, 15:23 (vor 735 Tagen)

After 6 months in South America, we are selling our car, Lemmy.

(*Or look for someone to drive it back to the US, plz pm*)

Started from 0 km on route 40 we crossed 6 countries, drove through wild Patagonia to the end of RN40, through the east to west coastlines of the continent twice, through 4500m high mountains once. Lemmy did a great job to accommodate not only us, hitchhikers, our luggage since we have been traveling for 1.5 yrs, and a 6.8 surf board.

Lemmy has a US plate and have performed very well over landing SA.
The previous owner drove it from Arizona to Ushuaia and never had a single issue, so did we during ours.

Brand: Chrysler
Model: Pt cruiser
Year: 2004
Transmission: automatic
Miles: 70000
Newly changed 4 tires
Last service: 65000
Full records and invoices.
Tip is still valid.
Misc: aidcond, blue tooth, MP3 player

The car is now in *Lima*, available from Oct.

we have been through the whole process of transferring ownership with the previous owner and we are more than happy to do it with the buyer. We were helped by Alex Smith, he's a total legend, your process will go smooth.

We are looking at $4000.

Thanks for reading, I'e attached some videos and photos for your reference :)

And as mentioned we also look for people who can drive this car back to the US. Pm me for details:)

Car for Sale in Peru 4000USD negociable

octopus galore @, Montag, 08. Oktober 2018, 03:10 (vor 720 Tagen) @ Abieri


do you have a email ?

and send me some pics from the car please ?


Car for Sale in Peru 4000USD negociable

Abieri, Montag, 08. Oktober 2018, 16:58 (vor 719 Tagen) @ octopus galore

Hey my email is arnaud.bieri@gmail.com what's yours? I'll send you the pix! We have also dropped the price down to 3000usd, we are close to Lima and can organise visits this week.

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