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FOR SALE: Ford F150, Pick-up with a little home inside! (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Mara Lenz ⌂ @, Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018, 17:30 (vor 10 Tagen)

After 5 month of travel with this car, it finally comes to an end. We are now in Mancora, Peru.
The car is in very good condition.
We are now searching for a few weeks and couldn‘t find a new owner and we are running out of time. In case of that we will sell it very cheap! If you have just a little interest please write us, because otherwise we have to leave the car behind! It is such a nice car and it would be so sad to „throw“ it away...
For more information or questions please contact me via E-Mail at: mara.lenz98@gmx.ch

Best regards Mara and Remo from Switzerland

Car informations:
Ford F-150 Pickup XL + Canopy
Year: 2002
Cylinders V6
~200‘000 km
long box
3 seats
belly bars to fix a camper

matrace, pilliows, duvets, blankets
stove with two burners
40lb + 5lb propane tanks
cooling box
pots, pan, bowls, etc.
plates, glasses, cups, etc.
cutlery, cooking cutlery
foldable sink
solar shower
2 camping chairs
campact table coleman 70x70cm
tent + air matrace + air pump
two big raintarps
storage boxes


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