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Suche Pickup Camper USA (Sonstiges)

Dave @, Freitag, 03. November 2017, 07:55 (vor 232 Tagen)

Suche ab jetzt und 2018 Pickup Camper ...am liebsten Ford F-250 350 1990-1997 und Kabine ..am liebsten Bigfoot. Auch einzeln. Egal wo
in USA ...
Viele Grüße


Suche Pickup Camper USA

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Samstag, 04. November 2017, 21:50 (vor 231 Tagen) @ Dave

Just be aware that Mexico is not allowing larger pickups with or without slideon campers into Mexico through all borders.


Also said to apply to larger sprinter vans - over 3.5 tonnes - that are not officially registered as motorhomes.

Seems to be no consistency and the same thing happened a year ago and then settled down until recently.

Tony Lee
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Suche Pickup Camper USA

Dabei @, Samstag, 03. März 2018, 17:06 (vor 112 Tagen) @ IVECO Tony

Just got back from Baja ...saw a lot of trucks with campers
They all had no problems on the border...

Suche Pickup Camper USA

bigdog, Samstag, 04. November 2017, 23:44 (vor 231 Tagen) @ Dave

Dieser artikel gibt die aktuelle situation ganz gut wieder. Findest dort auch jede menge infos über den richtigen truck camper. Viel erfolg


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