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Auto mit Zollpapieren des Vorgängers ausführen??? (Sonstiges)

Nicolucamarc, Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017, 11:28 (vor 244 Tagen)

wir wollen ein Auto wahrscheinlich in Guatemala kaufen (aber vom Land abgesehen - das "problem" dürfte überall dasselbe sein)
das auto bekommt bei der einreise in jedem land zollpapiere /und manchmal auch einen stempel in den pass (?) oder eine plakette auf die windschutzscheibe. wenn wir das auto von unseren vorgängern kaufen aber mit neuen nummernschildern wieder ausführen, was dann? dann stimmt das nummernschild nicht mit dem auf den zollpapieren von der einreise überein. wir treffen unsere vorgänger NICHT. können also nicht gemeinsam aus und einreisen. wie kann man das lösen? hat jemand erfahrung?
freuen uns sehr über hilfe!


Auto mit Zollpapieren des Vorgängers ausführen???

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017, 07:55 (vor 241 Tagen) @ Nicolucamarc

When I bought my first car in S America, the owner assured me that when going out of the country, the customs officer NEVER EVER looks at the TVIP being handed in and just puts it in a heap of others under the desk. Even if he did glance at it, customs never get to see your passport since that is immigration's job so how would they know that I was not the proper owner.

Well, I had done my research - as little as could be found - and insisted on getting a PODER so I could get proper insurance (not being the risk taker as was the owner) and have no problems when I reached the border.

Got to the border and the official took my passports and stamped them out and kept them in his hand. He then asked for the TVIP. He then asked why the names didn't match and no wasy was he going to process our departure until all the details were sorted out. Finally I stopped trying to test the system and went out to the car, got the poder and handed it over. Instantly the situation changed for being regarded as a car-thief to being a regular traveler and in the end all the staff closely inspected the PODER, declared it all OK and they all lined up outside to wave goodbye.

Without the poder we would still be there at Paso Sico.

Next car I bought, I also got a poder because just as for the first purchase, the previous owner had left the country many months before we arrived so combined border runs weren't possible.. We left via Iguazu and we completed the immigration and drove further looking for the aduana who I was tgold usually stood in the middle of the road taking the TVIP. He was nowhere to be found and I was way around the first bend when I decided I must have missed him. Parked the car, walked back 200 metres and found him asleep in the shade, woke him up and handed the TVIP over, and walked back to the car.

Two stories, both with vastly different situations, but both ending up OK.

BTW in both cases I had arranged legal change of ownership back in the country of origin so in both cases we were able to swap the plates and submit our correct new documents on entry to the next country - and we were at all times covered by a valid insurance policy.

Your situation may/will vary

Tony Lee
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