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Verschiffung ab Montevideo mit Grimaldi - Bedingungen (Sonstiges)

Adriaan1960, Samstag, 06. Juli 2024, 12:30 (vor 15 Tagen)

Zur Info, hab ich für den anstehende Verschiffung, geplante abfahrt 05 August ab Montevideo, bekommen. Mann beachte die Regeln zum Gepäck und der eindeutige Haftungsausschluss. Ebenso zum Gasflaschen und fest eingebaute Gastanks:



1-All Motorhomes MUST remain accessible and always unlocked. This includes but is not limited to the main cabin, accommodation, and any lockers, both internal and external. Close boxes/crates/luggage are not permitted. Any compartment fixed to the camper (external/internal) must be accessible/inspectable. The keys for the Motorhome and all compartments MUST be present and must always remain with the Motorhome.

Identify properly ALL your keys. (check the example) NAME, MODEL OF VEHICLE & PLATE NUMBER. All the mobile home and its compartments must be accessible for inspection. Same for the content; it must be accessible for the inspection. On the contrary the units will be bloked for loading till they meet Line requirements.

The below items are not admitted in the campers.

Electrical Items
TV, Video, DVD Players
Audio Equipment
Printers, Computers, Tablets
Cameras, Videography Equipment

Only electrical items that are integral and permanently fitted to the vehicle are permitted.

Hazardous / Dangerous Items
Flammable, corrosive, or hazardous substances, pyrotechnics flares, oils, paints, solvents, fuels and lubricants, loose batteries.
No Cleaning supplies.
No oil canisters, No small disposable gas canisters / cartridges
Pressurized cans or containers of any kind.
Firearms or ammunition of any kind (even deactivated weapons or spent shells).
Knives, Swords and other items that can be construed as weapons.
Other Items
Medical supplies or equipment.
Perishable goods or food stuffs, plants, or vegetation.
Close Suitcases, crates, or boxes

*Prohibited list is not limited and may be subject to revision.

Shippers not to leave personal effects, luggage etc inside the motorhome. This is a security requirement because of tightened security measures imposed by various Customs Authorities around the globe. Only standard equipment allowable. Carrier WILL categorically refuse the responsibility for any damage/missing on personal effects and other items left inside the vehicle’s contrary to the Line instructions.
2- If you had a gas tank /connection/pipe; please identify with a label where it was.

3 -Please NOTE attached new Guidelines from the Line. NO GAS TANKS ARE PERMITED UNLESS THEY HAVE A GAS FREE CERTIFICATE. IF EMPTY IT’S BETTER TO TAKE THEM OUT. (We need 48 hrs. in advance in order to coordinate with the inspector. Free cert cost usd 260)

Any Motorhome fitted with or containing a portable gas cylinder MUST have this removed prior to delivery at the Port of Load.
For Motorhomes equipped with an integral gas tank the same must be cleaned prior delivery to terminal and must be submitted to an inspection performed by a licensed company who must issue a gas free certificate certifying that the LEL/O2/LFL levels are in accordance with those allowed and considered non-hazardous. The mentioned gas free certificate must be provided to the terminal / agency upon delivery to Grimaldi Lines Terminal. This certificate cannot be older than 2 working days before the date of gate in.



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