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Dodge Ram Van 3500 in Ushuaia im Dezember (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

BruceCruise, Dienstag, 12. September 2023, 00:46 (vor 20 Tagen)

Hallo Leute,
im folgenden verkaufen ich und meine Freundin ein Fahrzeug. Falls euch das Fahrzeug gefällt schreib mir gerne ne Mail an: jakob.laifer@web.de (Auch für Fotos)

Dodge Ram Van B3500 (2001) for sale around December 2023 in Ushuaia or somewhere else in the south of Chile/Argentina.

Hi everybody,

After 9 months of travelling through South America, we are selling our campervan Bruce in Ushuaia. We bought Bruce in Santiago de Chile and drove it through Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia without problems. It took us to mountain tops, over salt flats and functioned perfectly at 4500+ m altitude. It has a strong V8 engine and very high clearance. We managed 4wd - tracks and countless river crossings. In other words - Bruce has never failed us and got us to the most amazing places.
Previous owners bought the van in Nevada and converted it into a campervan. From the inside it's a practical and cosy space, while from the outside it blends perfectly in the Latin American traffic and no one knows that it is a camper. We stayed in countless wealthy barriers in the cities and left Bruce in a Peruvian farmer village - he blended in everywhere.

- Dodge Ram Van B3500 extended version (2001) 5,9L V8 gasoline engine
- Currently 150.000 miles and counting
- Automatic transmission
- Rear wheel drive
- Cruise control
- Vermont Plates, can be transferred to the new owner (we can help with this)
- All terrain tires & a spare tyre
- 2 keys
- Blinded windows, except the front windows

We maintained it well along the way:
- November 2022: new oil filter + oil change, cleaned air filter, replaced bougies.
- December 2022: 4 new shock absorbers and a big maintainance by replacing of all the worn parts.
- April 2023: replaced and repaired the cooling system
- September 2023: cleaning the tank and replacing the fuel pump also checked the brakes and replaced the pads

The only thing that doesn't function is the airconditioning/heating. We decided not to fix it since we hardly used it anyways.

It includes everything you need for a perfect roadtrip:
- Bluetooth stereo
- 2 - 12V power outlets and a 120 W converter with 2 USB ports and 1 AC outlet 115V
- New Alpicool 20L fridge (bought at the end of December 2022)
- Coleman cooking stove and a 6.8 KG propane gas bottle
- A long bed which you can convert into a couch. Includes sheets, pillows and blankets
- A kitchen top with a sink
- Lots of room for storage
- 2 - 20L jerry cans and a 20L water can with tap
- Weber BBQ
- Sun blinds for the front windows, curtains for the rest of the windows
- 2 comfortable Decathlon chairs and a tripod stool
- Folding outdoor table & indoor table
- All cooking gear, food storage boxes etc.
- Hammock, 2 sets of goggles for diving, air mattress for the sea
- small two person tent we bought in July 2023, perfect for hikes
- Tools for everything around Bruce including for tire change
- All the other accessories on the pictures

Interior pictures are with the old fridge (which was broken), the last 2 pictures are of the new fridge :)

Our asking price is €10.000. Since the airconditioning/heating doesn't function we decided to ask €9500. We want to sell it around December in Ushuaia or somewhere else in the south of Chile or Argentina.

Don't hesitate to ask me by Facebook messenger if you are interested or have any questions. I will answer as fast as possible. But cause we are travelling right now it could take a few days.

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