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Aufenthaltsdauer Chile & Argentinien (Planung)

Geo ⌂ @, Santiago de Chile, Samstag, 09. September 2023, 14:01 (vor 315 Tagen) @ Rebecca

Nochmal zurueck zum Thema, ich kopiere von einer Overlanding Chile Whatsapp-Gruppe (uebrigens ueber 450 Teilnehmer, ueberwiegend Auslaender):

Dear Chliean experts, researching, it seems one can leave and re-enter and obtain a 90d tourist as many times as one needs. Correct?

Correct. I'm doing that for 2 years, and spent more than 180 a year only country that checked my "total" was Brazil and (maybe) Bolivia. Other countries seem like you can just go and leave how long as you wish.

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