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Peugeot Partner - Minicamper available from June (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION @, Santiago de Chile / Schweiz, Freitag, 19. Mai 2023, 18:33 (vor 12 Tagen) @ Minicamper, Santiago de Chile, Juni 2023

Hola Dear South America Adventurers

Some time ago we already advertised our car. Since then a few things have changed and therefore I am posting our ad again :-) The date of sale has moved forward, so we would be selling our car in June. The car has also received a few "upgrades" such as four new tyres or a second key. You can find all the details below.

Are you looking for a means of transport to discover the South American continent? Do you want to live on a small footprint without sacrificing comfort?
Is a homely atmosphere just as important to you as functionality and good quality?
Then our car might be just the thing for you.

As our South American trip is coming to an end, it is with a heavy heart that we have to part with our Pantera Blanco. On the roads of Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru, it has always given us great and reliable service on gravel roads and at altitudes above 4'000 m above sea level.

Place of sale Santiago de Chile
When from June 2023

Car Details
Peugeot Partner M59 HDI 1.6, type: Furgon, year 2011, white colour
Fuel: diesel, consumption 6.7l/100km
Mileage: under 200'000 km until we are back in Santiago
Gear change: manual, five gears
Number plate: Chilean

Car maintenance
Oil change every 10'000km
Revision Técnica valid until March 2024
Incl: Spare wheel, spare belt, spare filter, jack, fire extinguisher etc.
At sale in top condition and ready for many more kilometres. 4 new tyres.

Your home
The car was empty when bought, the complete removal is self-made. (Carpenters work)
We stand 100% behind the quality of the materials as well as the construction. Even after thousands of kilometres on gravel there are hardly any signs of use.

- Bed: Extendable for 2 (lying surface 1x 2.10m, 1x 1.70m)
- Mattress: Foam incl. self-sewn suits, washable
- Table: Extendable
- Seating: Two benches very comfortable for 2, cosy for 4
- Floor: Parquet, washable & easy to clean
- Storage: Side cupboards, trunk with recess, extended headboard, front seat recess etc.
- Curtains: Rear window / partition living area
- Light: Battery operated
In Patagonia we cooked (folded down on the front seat) / ate in the car most of the time for several weeks & this was possible without any problems.

Other Assecoire
- Cooking/eating: Two plastic boxes incl. partitions, organiser bins etc.
- Miscellaneous kitchen equipment: Bialetti, scales, frying pan etc.
- Roof rack: Practical for canisters etc.

Extras: car charger, weather cover, camping table, etc. We will be happy to explain all the details to you personally.

Your bonus ;-)
Tool box with everything you need for simple repairs & our help with all organisational matters and tips for Patagonia etc.

We bought the car from a Chilean private person. We did the RUT and the complete transfer on our own and therefore know 100% how it works. Of course we support you with the transfer and are available for all questions about insurance, driving licence etc. with pleasure and at any time. The transfer into your name is uncomplicated and quickly done.

Asking price
9'650 CHF (price negotiable)

If Pantera Blanco has aroused your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.
We would be happy to send you further information, pictures and videos.

Whatsapp: +41 79 856 94 42 (German, English) or via Email: mail@einfachunterwegs.ch

We look forward to hearing from you, Best regards
Rebekka and Dominic

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