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Dodge-Van zu verkaufen: Feb/Maerz in Santiago o. Umgebung (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

UB @, Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2023, 02:40 (vor 9 Tagen)


What? Dodge VAN with bed, kitchen and solar power

When? from now till end of March

Where? Santiago de Chile; Northern Chile/Argentina, Bolivia

Year: 1998

Model: Dodge Ram Van B3500

Licence Plate: California, US

Mileage: now: 162.500 miles; in Santiago de Chile: approx. 165.000 miles

Price: 10.000 EURO - open for offers


Hello fellow travellers!

if you are looking for a stealthy, powerful, high clearance car to get a litttle adventurous on the road, this van is for you. I am soon coming to the end of my trip and am selling my beloved Van. I bought it and am 3rd owner, started in Ushuaia and am having a wonderful time full of flexibility and always having my place to stay and feel comfortable. Wake up next to a lake or with a view on the coastline, go to places that are hard to get to without own transport, have all your belongings around and just go, whereever you want! This was and is for me the perfect way of exploring Patagonia, Chile and Argentina!

I am on the Caretera Austral and will go up north now. I am very flexible in time and location. As a rough schedule: Around Mid/End February I am in Santiago de Chile.

About the van:

- 5.2, V8 engine

- Automatic transmission

- 2-wheel rear drive with high clearance

- 6m long, 2m width, 2.3m height

- approx. 165k miles in Santiago Chile

- California plates with all up-to-date papers for sale

- A/C and heater


- Double insulated walls, ceiling, floor with wood

- Full size memory foam bed comfortable for two persons

- powerful stove with 3kg. propane & all kitchen gears included

- Plenty of storage (as you can see on the pics)

- Solar panel and home batteries

- LEDs, ventilation, inverter (110V) to charge multiple gadgets

- Kitchenware

- stable Camping Table and 2 chairs

- pillows, blankets, bed sheets

- fire extinguisher

The car made its way from California to Ushuaia without problems in Andes or any other challenge. The previous owners and I took good care of the van and did all the maintenance as needed:

-oil change every 4000 km

-check ups including reparing some minor issues

-The windshield has a crack; but all the mechanics recommended not to change it because of all the gravel roads. The cracks are stable, they didn't grow for more than 2.000 miles with a lot of gravel roads.

It is a very reliable car. It doesn't get too much attention as it looks like a delivery van. This gives us more security especially while we are in the cities and you can sleep almost everywhere.

If you need more information please send me a message.


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