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Motorhome Volkswagen LT 35 for sale (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Krumlova @, Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2022, 14:19 (vor 31 Tagen)

We are selling our motorhome after two years of travelling through Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.

We are in Uruguay now but we can go to Brazil or Argentina to sell it.

- VW LT-35, Year – 1997, Austrian plate (TIP in Uruguay until October 2023)
- Engine – 2.5 liter TDI, Diesel, 5 cylinders
- Consumption - 10km/1 liter (outside the city, inside the city a little less)
- Diesel tank 80L
- rear wheel drive
- Current mileage 223,500 KM
- Sliding doors on both sides
- Four new tires and three auxiliary tires
- Two 20L drums and one 5L drum for auxiliary diesel
- 180W solar panels + charge controller + 210 A battery + 220V 1500 W inverter + battery charger
- Two 220V sockets and four 12V lights
- Gas heating
- Kitchen with three gas burners
- Gas bottle – 10kg
- 12V, 220V, Gas – Refrigerator
- Sink to wash with water pump
- Outdoor shower with a 12V electric shower
- Two barrels (30L each) for clean water and a 25L drum for dirty water
- Good insulation (X-Trem insulator)
- Good sound system (two speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer)
- Driver's seat ISRI suspension chair
- The two front seats rotate in all directions
- Various tools (seen in the photos)
- Auxiliary cables, extension cords and battery cables (as seen in the photos)
- Two beach chairs
- Kitchen stuff (plates, cutlery, glasses...)
- Pressure cooker, blender, steamer, Omnia oven (camping), Italian coffee maker, kettle, Teflon pan
- Mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.
- Paraquayan hammock
- Roof window with mosquito net and rear window with mosquito net and an anti-mosquito net to place one of the front windows
This vehicle shares many accessories of the Mercedes Sprinter. The gearbox, cardan, differential, shock absorbers, etc...
- Four new tires, auxiliary tires in good condition
- New rear shock absorbers
- Gearbox recently maintained with new ball bearings and new oil
- Newly serviced engine with new tensioners and new belts and oil
- Injection system recently checked and in good condition
- New air filter and Diesel filter (there is a new auxiliary Diesel filter)
- Brakes in very good condition
- Clutch plate in good condition, changed 5,000 km ago
- Almost new solar panel battery
- Rolemán of the cardan recently changed
- Front shock absorbers recommended to change them
- Car battery works, but recommended to change it
- Radio does not work
- Suspension ball joint recommended to change it (we have the ball joint and just need to change it)

The van runs very well, no problems, things to fix are maintenance details.

more info on janeandconnie@gmail.com

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