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Shipping : container share Europe - Uruguay any buddy ? (Sonstiges)

Fajitas, Freitag, 30. September 2022, 16:33 (vor 69 Tagen)

Hello !

We are looking for buddy to share a container from Europe to Uruguay (Montevideo). We've got a 4x4 (Toyota LandCruiser) and we're available from 1st december. We don't have any preference for the departure port : Belgium, Germany... Nevermind, we're not picky :-P .

In the same way, for the departure date we take every date between 1st december and march :-) .

We've got quotation from Waves-VS Logistic and IVSS. Both are okey for the sharing option. We just need a mate.

Kinds regards from France,

Aurélien & Charlène.

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