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Gas Adapter und Füllstationen Montevideo (Sonstiges)

Odd Rodante, Montag, 29. August 2022, 23:04 (vor 398 Tagen) @ AugsburgV50

Acodike sells 3 kg bottles, but if you have a connection that fits your bottles without regulator you should be able to fill them, if not make a adapter before you go.
You only need to have hose connection on the other side. 8 mm.
Good stainless steel hose clamps is good to pack to.
They usually fill from a 45 kg bottle, i have one and could help you if you cannot arrange it in Montevideo.
The distributors of gpl is Ancap Supergas, Riogas, Acodike, Megal. There are more but these are the ones i find in the most towns.

Good luck!

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