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Container Sharing Nordeuropa nach Mexiko (Verschiffung)

jose, Sonntag, 01. Mai 2022, 16:55 (vor 519 Tagen) @ J200

hello! we could be interested, we'd also like to ship from europe to mexico, would be great to have the possibility of sharing a container. we want to leave somewhat earlier though, we were planning of shipping more around the time of august-september. sometime around the end of that timeframe should be fine i think, but putting it off until november is undesirable. depending on how flexible you are able to be with your own plans maybe it could work out?

ps. last time i contacted a broker about container shipping to mexico (over half a year ago), i was informed that at the time there were unfavorable conditions, weeks of delays at ports, and correlating additional 4 figure costs. if we get any further with this i could inform with the same person about what the situation is now. greetings jose

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