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Kombi 1994 furgon for rent Uruguay (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

JanaSami, Samstag, 12. März 2022, 12:27 (vor 206 Tagen)

Hi everyone, we are Sami and Jana travelling South America with residence in Uruguay. As we were privileged to buy a new car we would like to offer our kombi for RENT to anyone who'd like to travel without the complications of buying a vehicle.

The kombi has Uruguayan plates which makes it easier for travelling in Mercosur and is on my name. The engine, the electricity and the kombi in general is in very good condition. We have been travelling in the kombi for one year from Montevideo to Espirito Santo in Brasil and back.

The kombi has:

An extra battery to charge phones and laptops. This battery is connected to the battery in the engine and gets automatically charged when driving.

Closet for clothes and shelves for things.
20l barrel for extra petrol in case you run out!
Chemical bathroom with tent to use the bathroom in privacy outside.
Shower - 40 liter roof tank to which the shower head is attached.
3 KG gas cylinder for cooking.
Portable camping fridge.
Camping roof attached to the car to be extended to create shade.
Large bed of 175 cm and 140 cm.
2 fire extinguishers.
A security key with which you disconnect electricity when no driving (safer against robberies).
Radio with Bluetooth.

We would rent the kombi for 600 us dollars a month and 3000 us dollars as guarantee with the minimum of 4 months of rental period.

In the price of the rent is covered insurance that is valid for Mercosur countries with an auxiliary automechanic available at no cost.

For any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

The kombi is small and goes slow but it's a great companion for awesome trips. There are strong kombi clubs in the countries of South America where you always can find help, entertainment and friends!

For photos and videos of the kombi contacts us via WhatsApp on +59898304644

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