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Peru - Probleme mit Verlängerung Suspension TIP (Papierkram)

Reto Markus, Montag, 20. September 2021, 14:08 (vor 29 Tagen) @ AnSaJei

Euch habe ich direkt geschrieben.
Für allen Anderen:erhält ihr dort Unterstützung.
Welcome, Travelers!
Refugio Lima is a natural area on the outskirts of Lima, in Cieneguilla, Peru; Ideal for travelers in campers, kombis, motorhome or camping looking to rest before returning to the route. We have Wi-Fi, drinking water, plots with electric light, 24-hour baths, hot shower, vehicle guardianship, bungalows and a quiet place for a pleasant stay, which combines love for travel and contact with nature. Likewise, we have a volunteer program (construction, kitchen and maintenance) in exchange for the provision of our services.

Follow us, also, on Instagram and Facebook as @refugiolima, Google Maps or contact us at WhatsApp ✆ +51 962 871 409
We wait for you!

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