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For Sale: Nissan Xtrail 4x4, 2007 (Sonstiges)

Sphaira, Samstag, 21. März 2020, 17:49 (vor 67 Tagen)

Hi everyone

We have to sell our Nissan Xtrail (2007 in Santiago de Chile for now. The car is built to sleep inside, got all the camping equiment you need (camping chairs, barbecue, table, camping stove (gas), every material for cooking, icebox) and is in good shape. The previous owner and us did regular check-ups, last one took place on 16.03.2020 (no repairs needed). Obligatory insurances and revision tecnica are done and valid until 02/2021. The pictures give you further informations about the inside and the equipment.

Price: 5000 Euros

We will help you for all questions and buying process (papers and processes at the notary). If you have any questions feel free to contact us per Email or Whatsapp in german/english/french (mirjamgeser@hotmail.com; +41 79 791 15 39,).

Mirjam and Dominic





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