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For sale: Ford Transit Motorhome Granduca (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Michael Griebel @, Hallstadt, Montag, 09. März 2020, 18:53 (vor 24 Tagen)


We have much more pictures, please send a message per Whatsapp.

Hey Southamerica-travellers,
for an exciting journey we have the ideal vehicle. We sell our beloved Granduca (Nickname: Abuela=Grandma) ) near Mendoza (Argentina) or on our way to Uruguay, Brazil or Paraguay. We are flexible. We are also flexible in terms of time, from now on till July/August 2020 everything is possible.

PRICE: 11.500 $ (Dollar)

Facts about the camper:
- Ford Transit `94
- 2,5 l Diesel with 80 hp
- Km currently 241.000 km
- average consumption 10 l/100 km

- Regular inspections and services (brakes and oil)
- New battery (BOSCH) 98 Ah for the cabin and 220V converter (never had problems charging all laptops, phones, headlights…)
- New front brakes and rear wheel brakes (June 2019)
- Rebuilt steering (September 2019)
- New right rear brake cylinder (December 2019)
- Timing belt and tension roll changed, changing of brake fluid, track setting, new right rear suspension spring, everything done at km 238.000
- 4 cargo wheels, 2 of them new at km 238.000 plus 2 spare tires on rim

Other equipment:
- Reinforced rear air-suspension
- Solar panel 110 Watt incl. control panel and 5V USB-plug
- 2 roof hatches
- Lockable „safe“
- 4 windows with blinds
- 2 gas bottles with 11 kg and different adapters
- 2 sand ladders
- 2 jerry cans, 20 liter
- 2 wheel chocks
- Warning triangle, some first-aid-kits, fluorescent vests
- Many tools (for example: wrenches, hydraulic jack, 12V-compressor, multiply-meter, machetes, saw, axe, uso)
- 2 chairs and 1 table
- Barbecue
- Roof box

Facts about the cabin:
- 5 beds: two in the alcove (mattress 200x140cm), two on the convertible table, one on the couch
- 5 seats with safety belts: three in front, two in the cabin
- Channel to driver´s cab (lockable)
- Fully equipped kitchen: small barbecue, barbecue tong, 4 cooking-pots, 2 frying pans, espresso can, steel sheet for toasting, bowls, sieves, cutlery for 4 persons, plates, cups, spices, and many things more
- Two gas stove burner
- Stainless steel sink
- Electrolux fridge (optionally operating with gas, electricity 230V or 12 V)
- 100 liter tank for fresh water (plus 2x20l-bottles for potable water)
- 60 liter grey-water tank
- Bathroom with shower and shower curtain (heatable with Truma gas boiler, optionally 50° or 70°C)
- Flush lavatory (Thetford) to empty from outside
- Truma heater with gas)
- Energy efficient LED-lighting incl. remote control, optionally different colours
- Wardrobe, shoe box and box for laundry
- awning
- 2 folding chairs incl. folding table
- Other outfit: 2 pillows, 2 coverlets, 1 set of bed linen, 2 sleeping bags, 25 liter solar shower, badminton set, fan heater, hairdryer, 2 blankets, various guide books southamerica, various towels, 2 hammocks, tablecloth, 10 m hose, 20 m extension cable, rod

The camper has german plates and we never had problems with police controls and border crossings. It is 26 years old, so there is some rust (protects from robberies).

For more information or questions don`t hesitate to contact us to
WhatsApp: +52 687 121 4532

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