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IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 01. Januar 2020, 02:30 (vor 148 Tagen) @ IVECO Tony

Airport Parking "San Jose"

S 0.18765, W 78.34204

Category: Established Campground

Closer parking than the VIP one down the street which has upped his prices to US$10 per night. No reduction even for two full weeks. GREEDY!.. US$5 per night at SanJose. Nice people. Immaculate bathroom on the premises. Free shuttle to and from the airport WiFi now available. Room for two or three BIG rigs and plenty of room for smaller vehicles Restaurant nearby Nice atmosphere NOTE this is a parking area close to the airport and ideal for trips to Galapagos so not really an established campground - BUT has all the facilities you would need so I'll leave the site classification as it is. PS They have their own small soccer field right next to the parking area and there would be plenty of space behind the goals for those needing to pitch a tent. Owner is willing to negotiate a much reduced price for leaving vehicles there for several months. They have three small dogs on the premises which fight amongst themselves, so having your own dog might be a problem. Suggest maximum length of bigrig to be not much over 8 metres. No height restrictions unless you have to park down the back NOTE - ignore check-in May 6th, 2016 by vbernaud Iconpopout and the bottom three photos - was for a different place

Country: Ecuador

Last Visited: 28/08/2019

Open: Yes

Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites

Wifi: Yes - Average

Kitchen: No

Restaurant: No

Showers: Warm

Water: Potable

Toilets: Running Water

Big Rig Friendly: Yes

Tent Friendly: Unknown

Pet Friendly: No

Tony Lee
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