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Mercedes Vito/Diesel for sale in Mexico (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

York @, Osnabrück, Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019, 20:21 (vor 32 Tagen)

We are selling our small motorhome for up to two people. We travelled from Tierra del Fuego to Mexico in a year and unfortunately it`s not economically to bring it back home. It`s a Mercedes Vito (Diesel) from 2004 with approx. 215.000 kilometres travelled in total and runs like an Clockwork.
We already bought it expanded from its previous owner, but still added and changed some details, even during our trip.
At the moment the car is parked in Mexico, where we would like to sell it at the beginning of February 2020 for 2500,- €
(Diesel) from 2004
Appr. 215.000 km
six gears
new shock absorber (Jan. 2019)
new springs (Feb. 2019)
new cardan joint (dez. 2018)
aircondition/ heater in the front
3 x 100 W solar panel (attached to two aluminium boxes on the roof)
100 H second batterie
12/220 V power inverter
two aluminium storage boxes on the roof (each approx. 1 x 1,5 m)
2 x 25 l petrol canister
2 x 30 l water canister + camping shower
20 l drinking water canister
firmly embedded safe with key
build in bed with slat frame and propper mattress (1,40 x 1,90 m)
storage under the bed
fridge 90 litres
camping cooker with two flames + spare camping cooker
3 litres gas bottle + two adapter
camping table (1,1 x 0,6 m) + two chairs + side table
entire cooking equipment (pots, pans, bowls, spoons, containers, …)
plates, bowls, cups, glasses and cutlery for two people
fuel filter
motor oil
Please contact me for any questions or inquiry via e-mail (german, englisch, russia):

York Gräber

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