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GMC safari 1999, 230.000km, 4900$ (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Alexander, Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019, 13:20 (vor 74 Tagen)

Available NOW
4900 USD or equivalent in EUR (negotiable)
We can sell it in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay (exact location flexible)
USA Washington State License Plates (best for travellers!)
Title in the previous owner names, can be easily and officially transferred into your name
We're going to a mechanic in a few days and we'll fix everything it needs, so it'll be ready for you.

Contact me

The Van:
GMC Safari 1999 All Wheel Drive (AWD, switchable!)
4.3L V6 Engine, 193 Horsepowers
Selectable 2WD/4WD/AWD (fuel economy)
will have around 235.000km (146.000 miles)
4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Dutch Doors
Air-condition (really a blessing!), heating
Cruise Control
Front Airbags
BF Goodrich All Terrain tires, good for another 15.000km
2“ (5cm) Body Lift
good clearance
3 speed vent above bed (a blessing for hot nights!)
100 W solar panel
100 Ah deep cycle Batt, charged via solar panel and alternator
140 W Inverter, good for charging your laptop etc.
wooden plank ceiling
Interior LED Light
Exterior LED Floodlights
Custom fitted Matress (approx. 140Cmx160cm, can be extended easily)
Privacy curtains
tinted windows
7x8ft awning
rear view camera

additional equipment:
lightweight camping pots and pan
lots of herbs
2x fold up chairs + fold up table
Coleman Dual Fuel gasoline stove (2 burners)
camping shower, coupled with rear heat exchanger and 12L canister (never used, currently disassembled for space)
lots of cooking utensils (knives, forks, cups….)
unused camping toilet (we have a good ole‘ shovel)
snorkelling gear
Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer (12V and/or 110V)
140W 110V inverter with USB chargers
toolset for basic maintenance and repairs
spare torsion bar
Propane Heater (also a CO-Sensor)
5L + 20L fuel Canisters
Axe for cutting wood, opening coconuts
hot-water bottle (good for the stomach-problems in SA :D)
2 sets of bed sheets
5 pillows
couple of storage boxes (incl. 2 big ones)
italian espresso machine
2 thermos flasks (big and small)
1x very big Sleeping bag, 1x blanket
1x Fishing rod
1x Volleyball
couple of charging cables (android phones)
plenty of USB plugs for charging
hydraulic jack
half full WD40 spray can
Mosquito net
steering lock

Maintenance/Repairs done:
new front and rear shocks at 128.000 miles (higher stiffness)
new engine Mounts at 135.000 miles
new idler arms and steering parts at 130.500 miles
changed transm-fluid and filter at 134.100 miles
changed both differential oils at 132.423 miles
new Bosch spark plugs at 132.423 miles
new NGK rotor and distributor cap at 136.214 miles
new torsion bar, passenger side changed at 130.000 miles
regular oil + filter change all 3.000 to 5.000 miles (depending on oil)
new passenger door handle
transmission rebuilt
differential rebuilt
intake manifold gasket replaced
new Aircon compressor

Bed could fold into a couch, but we never used that. It is an American car, so the fuel economy is not the greatest, but the car is very durable. No issues while travelling for two months neither did the previous owners for 10 months, all was mainly maintenance or precaution. Cosmetic rust and a few scratches on the paint, nothing bad.

Feel free to ask any questions or for more information!
Whatsapp: +33 6 01 39 47 41
email: alex74vallet@hotmail.fr
Alex, Agathe & Guaca

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