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GMC Savana for sale in Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Flevel18, Montag, 03. Juni 2019, 03:57 (vor 23 Tagen)

Our reliable buddy, a GMC Savana (2005) is looking forward to finding new owners and continue driving the Americas somewhere in Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador in the time span of mid-June to the beginning of July 2019. Yeah, maybe it’s not your fancy #vanlife-vehicle, but this guy is just as reliable as it gets and never seeks attention when wildcamping just about anywhere. On the inside, this van is still a true beauty and most importantly allows for inside cooking, eating and sleeping without troublesome rearrangement! To complete the package, it’s fitted with American plates that allow for relaxed experiences at all the borders and an easy title transfer. Check all the specs below and you’ll find some nice extras such as a gas oven, a surfboard and solar powered energy supply.

Price: 6500 USD (negotiable!)

Interested? Hit us up and we provide you with more photos and detailed maintenance history.

Car specs:
- GMC Savana 2500
- Year 2005
- V8, 4.8l
- Gasoline
- 2WD
- Automatic
- A/C
- Bluetooth/AUX music system
- Trailer haul
- 230‘000 kilometres (June 2019)
- American plates

Camping specs:
- Solar panel on rooftop to charge devices and use lights at night (separate battery!)
- LED ambient light surrounding bed, two LED lamps
- Comfortable mattress, bed sheets, pillows and blankets
- Gas powered cooking (two cooktops) and oven (!)
- All kinds of further kitchen stuff
- 60 liter cooling box
- Camping table and two chairs
- 50 liters of water storage
- 4x 100 liter store boxes for clothing and gear
- Shelves to keep kitchen and personal stuff quickly available and in order
- Mosquito netting

- Surfboard (6.3)
- Tent and two camping mats
- Camping shower
- Ventilator
- Hiking Sticks
- Fishing gear
- Arsenal of tools to rearrange the interior (build shelves etc)


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