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Selling our Suzuki 4x4 camper jeep in Buenos aires/Santiago (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

jtothej, Montag, 20. Mai 2019, 14:30 (vor 36 Tagen)

Fully equipped Suzuki Grand Nomade 4x4 - Chilean license plate, ready to start your adventure!

Available in Argentina or Chile from now on! Contact: jan.baier2000@gmail.com

Because our trip is unfortunately coming to an end and we have to go back home (this time for real), we’re selling our beloved “woody” from beginning of May on!
Traveling for over 5 months without any problems, she was always a reliable (and strong) companion on our trip through the hard roads of Patagonia!

The car:
She’s a
-Suzuki Grand Nomad 2.6
-Turbo V6 manual transmission Engine
-4x4 (4-Wheel drive high and low)
-201.987km (+\- 3000km extra)
-Chilean license plate
-spare tire
-6 months old all terrain tires
-Consumes in average 11l/100km
-Papers all up to date (until 04/20) and easily transferred by a Notar

And she comes with many extra treats!
-Front seats are able to be completely laid down, so it’s basically a bed to sleep in comfortably
-Huge rooftop box out of metal with lock, to safely store all your belongings you don’t need in the car -easy accessible-
(Box is on an very durable rooftop construct and can be put down easily)
-Ceiling net to store all your handy stuff you need all the time
-Trunk shelf storage for all your food stuff https://www.facebook.com/groups/overlandingbuysell/permalink/2360848674190808...

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