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SUZUKI 4X4 - in Kolumbien zu verkaufen (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Maxime MAGAR @, Kolumbien, Dienstag, 07. Mai 2019, 21:56 (vor 16 Tagen)

I am selling my 4X4 Suzuki car in Colombia. It's in a perfect condition and it drove me through South America during my 8-months-trip without any trouble. You'll find all details below:

*PRICE: EUR 2900*
*TIME OF SALE: May 2019*
*PLACE OF SALE: between Ecuador and Colombia (flexible)*

CAR MODEL: SUZUKI Grand Nomade (Grand Vitara) / SUV
YEAR: 2005
KILOMETERS: 145 000 km
MOTOR: 2.0 (gasoline)
GEARBOX: automatic transmission
EQUIPMENT: Bluetooth/MP3

IMPORTANT: it doesn't have any timing belt but a chain (so no need to change it)

Regarding the transfer process I will help you to realize it.

Please contact me through WhatsApp for any further informations (+56 9 8290 4418)


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