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Dringend: Peugeot J5 für bis zu 5 Pers. in Buenos Aires (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

cosmo, Donnerstag, 11. April 2019, 15:14 (vor 75 Tagen)

Hallo allerseits,
Wir waren jetzt drei Monate mit dem Peugeot in Argentinien und Uruguay unterwegs und wollten ihn morgen an einen Interessenten verkaufen - nun hat der leider gestern aus familiären Gründen kurzfristig absagen müssen. Daher steht hier nun unser J5 mit Schlafplätzen für bis zu 5 Personen erneut zum Verkauf.

Kurz zu den technischen Details:
2,5 Liter Diesel, 75 PS, 257.000km (davon 11.000 mit uns)
Preis: 7000€/8000$ Verhandlungsbasis

Englische Beschreibung:
We have been traveling Argentina and Uruguay for the last three months and now want to sell our Camper.

The technical facts

Built in 1989; 2.5 liter diesel engine with 54 KW = 75 PS
The mileage is 257000 km so far. At 206000 the toothed belt and the water pump have been renewed. Oil change was performed regularly, as well as the diesel filter was renewed.

engine and gearbox never let us down

Facilities/The inside

Four-bike rack, alcove, gas bottle compartment, power supply. From inside you can turn on an outdoor lighting.
Inside the vehicle you have a kitchenette with a two plate gas stove and a sink.
A refrigerator with freezer that runs on electricity and gas.
A Thruma gas heater, a cupboard for clothes and various stowage / upper cabinets in the motorhome and in the alcove.
As can be seen on the pictures, there are two seating areas in the motorhome; one for four persons which can be converted to a sleeping place for three persons, and a seating group for two persons which offers sleeping place for one person. Two more sleeping spaces are located in the alcove.
Under all seating groups are more storage compartments.
The bathroom has a large mirror cabinet, a sink and a Theford toilet with electric flush which can be emptied from the outside

Included with the vehicle comes a lot of equipment: 1 mechanic anti-theft device for the driving wheel, cookware (plates, pots and pans), bed clothes, a water filter, a cable prolongation totgetretene with the cable for charging the motorhome battery, camping table and three camping chairs

Organizational issues

The price we have in mind is 7000,-€/8000$ because of the good condition of the vehicle

Camper has german plates which means we will have to go to a notary to have a so called 'poder' (power of attorney) written which allows you to drive throughout South America.

As we will have a our return flight on april 17th 2019 leaving from Buenos Aires, we would like to sell it to somebody being close.
Don't hesitate to ask, i will respond your mail as soon as possible, max. within 24h.


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