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FORD TRANSIT 2.0 TDCI (2005) zu verkaufen (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Ford Transit 2.0 TDI (built in 2005), 100hp, mileage on sale: 235,000 km
One previous owner, Almost 2 years traveling in South America. TÜV was made before shipment (July 2017).
4 seats, driver's seat swiveling
80l diesel tank + 20l canister (consumption per 100km: average 8l, 7l on paved even road, max 10l only in the mountains)
Regular oil and filter change, control of the brake system, etc. All invoices available.
Car runs absolutely smoothly and has never let us down within 11 months, neither at 4800m nor at -15 ° C on the route of lagoons.

Everything needed for the trip (except clothes and personal items) is in the car.
In detail:
The most important aspects for us:
- 140cm x 200cm bed, high quality slatted frame and cold foam mattress. Standing height in front of the bed.
- Energy self-sufficient (due to large solar cell on the roof). As a result, we were never tied to campsites and could wildcamp as long as we wanted to, 220V Converter, plenty of USB ports, good interior lighting (LED).
- Large, easily accessible clothes compartment (fits everything for 2 people)
- A lot of storage space (we stored our complete kitesurfing equipment under the bed), compartments for everyday items, food storage cabinet
- cozy wooden interior design
- Mosquito net around the bed (if required)
- Well insulated (down to -15 ° on the route of lagoons and over 30 ° at night in Colombia), skylight, USB fans
- Curtains keep light and curious people’s views away
- The car’s exterior doesn’t “scream” motorhome (safety aspect in cities)
- smoke detector
- secret hiding spot for important documents
Vehicle Accessories:
- 2 jacks, snow chains, all liquids, leveling chocks, additional locks, towing rope, jumpstart cable, compressor, sandblades and folding shovel, various spare parts
- fire extinguisher, warning triangle, warning vest (necessary for some border crossings)
- two 10l jerry cans
- Bike rack
Camping equipment:
- 2 camp stoves, pots, pans, Bialetti (coffee maker), plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, Tupper, kettle, foldable sink, and much more. Accessible from outside and inside the car.
- cooking in the car is possible
- In total about 70l of water in canisters
- 3 chairs, 1 stool, 2 tables outside, 1 table inside (see pictures)
- large warm duvet, 2 pillows, sheets, several thin blankets
- solar shower (with tent)
- Camping Toilet (Porta Potti)
- cool box (Waeco Coolfreezer)
- Clotheslines, clothes pegs and linen
- Large tent and air mattress (suitable for 2 persons)
- Barbecue and barbecue tongs, extra grill for Asado (important in Argentina)
- awning
- Flashlight, magnetic lamp for exterior lighting on the vehicle
The equipment is mostly high quality brand equipment, please ask for details.
Note: The bed can be raised under the ceiling, creating a seat for at least 4 people.

video available, please ask if interested.


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