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FIAT Ducato Eura Wohnmobil Juni Montevideo (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

DasDing, Mittwoch, 03. April 2019, 14:12 (vor 75 Tagen)

Campervan Fiat Ducato, Eura Mobil, 4 seater!!

We are a german family travelling in this lovely motorhome around Southamerica. The camper (called Basil) will be for sale at the end of our 8
month trip in Montevideo or Buenos Aires around mid of june, although it may be possible to get it some weeks or months later.

Here you can find the information about the camper, but if you have further question or you want to make an offer don’t hesitate to contact us on whatsapp or email (English-Spanish-German-). This is really a great home to travel with.

The Camper:
Fiat Ducato from 1993. Diesel engine, 2,5 liter with 75 PS/hp. Very simple and reliable mechanic! No troubles with south america diesel.
It will have about 185 000 km on the clock. Very efficient! It takes about 10 liters for 100 km by a travelspeed of 90km/h on motorways.

The camper/motorhome:
It is a professional motorhome. Fully insulated. It seats and sleeps 4! Ideal for a family, or very comfortable for two. Plenty of room to store all your belongings.

- Kitchen with 3 burners and sink, all the needed for cooking is there (plates, pans, pots etc)
- 12V/220V/gas operated fridge with ice cold freezer
- 120 liter freshwater tank. 60 liter greywater tank
- 2 x 11kg gas cylinders for cooking, heating and freezing
- bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
- there is a bed in the roof, that comfortably sleeps two
- dinette with table and 3 benches that can switch to a comfortable 140x200cm bed, we also have a double mattress for more comfort
- all windows with mosquito nets and blinds
- 2 batteries and a 100 W solarpanel
- Truma gasheating with trumavent for cold days and nights
- 12V Hubs to charge several devices
- all the equipment like dishes, fans, blankes, pillows is coming with it; even two child seats and a troley are available
- 4 campingchairs and a big camping table
- awning for hot days
- plenty of usefull extras such as generator, waterpump, 2x20l canisters for extra diesel, tools etc.
- a folder containing all the original manuals for the camper and the equipment
- German plates, Tüv until november 2019
- before starting our trip we spend 6000€ to change almost all of the essential parts like clutch, breakes, toothed belt etc ( You will find a list in german in the picture section)so we could really be calm and have a good trip without mechanical emergencies; thats why our Basil is in a real good shape in spite of his age;)

For further information or if you want to make an offer please contact us.

Ellen +4917658165536
Ulf +4917610142197

Mail: Ulf.linow@gmail.com

The price will be fixed in euro - we would like to sell for 9000 euro. We are looking forward to hear from you.


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