Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Kaufablauf Pick Up Camper (US Nummernschild) in Uruguay (Planung)

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This should be a link to the Poder we used for two of our purchases


If not, just email me and I'll send it direct. That was drawn up in BA by a contact of Cristian Torlasco of Andeanroads.com.

The Poder I had drawn up in Chile had slightly different wording but was essentially the same. I also have the DIY PERMISSO that I drew up to use in case they noticed the LLC on the end of the owners name on the rego papers.

BTW your vehicle was not the one I had. Just thought the chances of identical sceneries were very low so it had to be same vehicle

As for confiscations. I have three lots of emails and documents of official confiscations. Two resulted in loss of vehicle and the third cost them a heap of money to get it back. Common to all was repeated crossings into Argentina using poders , plus some slip ups with provided proof that the transfer had taken place in Arg ie proffering a title that had the date of sale filled in- doh! And of course they thought they could drive on a poder forever. Some manage it but not all, and some countries - Peru and Mexico - aren't all that fussed about accepting them at some borders

Being a bit risk-averse (comes with old age and increased wisdom) we also always made sure we had mandatory insurance to cover both vehicles - same vehicle, different owners and documents - with enough overlap to cover both sides of the swap. Klaus provided the insurance policies and can arrange it all by email so you can hit the ground running and fully insured - well not fully, but the mandatory one anyway. He covers all countries Peru - Brazil and south so no need to cross borders uninsured and hope the cops are home having lunch. Ecuador insurance is provided free (unless it has changed) and Colombia and north are available at borders

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