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Kaufablauf Pick Up Camper (US Nummernschild) in Uruguay (Planung)

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No, different vehicle. I gave this out to prospective buyers to make them aware of some of the pitfalls.

Be aware that this buying and selling is quite illegal in many countries and if you get it wrong there is a definite danger of having the vehicle confiscated

Caveat Emptor - BUYER BEWARE Worth repeating
Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware
Because there is a steady, but thankfully small stream of people getting into trouble with their new purchase, I'm going to play Devils Advocate and post this on every "For Sale" section on this and every other forum I can find.
Directed primarily at the Americas situation, I imagine it will also be applicable all over the world.
Be very aware that buying a foreign-registered car from a foreigner in any country and/or state other than that of original registration is potentially a very bad move unless you fully understand the situation and fully understand the risks.
Yes, lots of people do it and I know it can be done, but there are cases where people have been stopped at the border and other cases where people have had their vehicles confiscated for irregular ownership transfer even after several successful border crossings.
I published this check list on several forums so to be consistent, I publish it here as well – AND provide the answers (in Italics) as they apply to our F350 with BigFoot Camper. Feel free to double check and ask questions. Things to watch for Expired registration. Registration on Montana-registered vehicles more than 10 years old can be “Permanent” on payment of a once-only fee. Applies to this vehicle so it never expires Non-current roadworthy or smog certification. Montana has no annual inspections, roadworthy or smog inspections to become non-current. Fake License plates. Absolutely genuine front AND rear plates AND they are glued in place to keep them that way.
License plates with year tags missing or incorrect. Tag on the rear plate is “Perm(anent)” and there is a spare if required Fake documents. Title and Registration documents are genuine and as supplied by Montana authorities. Quality laminated copies are also provided to use as working copies at borders and roadside stops.
Supposed original Documents that have been laminated. Nope, just the copies. Originals are carefully stored in plastic sleeves and only handed over to authorised people on the rare occasions when they won't accept the laminated copies Bill of sale drawn up 'legally" in the foreign country. Won't be necessary since all changes are done in Montana
Not possible to obtain legal ownership in your name back in the country of origin. Truck is owned by an Limited Liability Company and you get to own that company. Can all be done by email using our Montana agent. Cost of doing this is generally less than the sales tax and transfer costs imposed on vehicle sales by most other USA States and we can share the cost. Your nationality different to the owners or the vehicle home country Irrelevant since any person can legally own (meaning be a Director of) a Montana LLC
Multiple blank PODERS offered or poder without all required stamps or your name missing No, because that is illegal but depending how we do the handover, one Poder may be required. You may also have to get a Notarised Document in which you as director of your company, give yourself permission to drive the vehicle. Silly, but that is the way it works.

Another sensible precaution is to pay half the cost up front and half when you successfully cross the border. That provides at least some incentive to not take the money and run leaving you stranded with no vehicle and no 2ay to sort it out

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