Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Kaufablauf Pick Up Camper (US Nummernschild) in Uruguay (Planung)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 27. März 2019, 07:23 (vor 369 Tagen) @ Manuelita

Sounds like the vehicle I used to own.

The Poder procedure was used when we bought it and was used when we sold it.

To answer one of your question s, you can't be sure that the vehicle doesn't come with "baggage". One major problem is that remote border posts don't always process the TVIPs when they are handed in, so when you come in to that country they claim you have TIPs outstanding. If you get new plates and registration then I think the problem is very much reduced.
Your planning should take into account that the number of co-located border posts is increasing which of course reduces the opportunity to swap license plates in the ficticious no-mans-lands

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