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Motorhome-sitter offered (Fahrzeug gesucht)

Loscaminantes, Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2019, 17:33 (vor 27 Tagen)

Hi, we are Augusto (argentina) and Pamela (chile), artists-travelers. We are "Los Caminantes", working and traveling with our musical-storytelling shows (mainly in schools in chile, argentina, south bolivia and uruguay). Here some links:

So after years of bare-foot traveling we are needing 4wheels.

We offer our services to keep, use and mantain any motorhome for as long as you need in either Chile, Argentina or Uruguay or nearby. We plan to travel for work (small cities and towns in central chile and uruguay), not 4x4 adventures

So if you are planing to leave southamerica for a while but still wanting to have your motorhome when you are back (and not willing to pay a rent for keeping it), talk to us. We have plenty of written recommendations (educational and political contacts where we worked), press (written, radio and tv), a published book, and family and friends you can background check. We can aldo afford some kind of trust-fee.
Pamela is a language teacher and Augusto is a folklore investigator (both certificated). Both artists, too.
Spanish and english spoken (otherwise, google translated).
This is our email:

We hope we can help each other
Best regards
Los Caminantes
Pamela y Augusto

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