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Gasflasche füllen in Ecuador (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Samstag, 08. September 2018, 00:40 (vor 318 Tagen) @ Tux on Tour

Few possibilities listed on iOverlander but most will require you have an EU to female POI adaptor. We filled each time at the big propane plant just north of Ibarra without any problems. Guard took them inside with ten dollar note per bottle and brought them out 20 minutes later.

In Peru there are several places listed on ioverlander and if you have a dish adaptor for your bottle, some autogas stations will fill them PROVIDED you leave them in the gas locker (because then they can pretend they are filling fixed tanks and so aren't breaking the law. At Cusco there is a plant that will fill bottles but probably need a POL adaptor. Couple of times Milli arranged a taxi to take a few bottles and get them filled.

If you are heading into Brazil you will find it even harder because they also have special bottles with auto valves. I carried a comprehensive set of adaptors so I could fill my US bottles by gravity from local bottles

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