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Container Sharing Rotterdam-Montevideo October 2018 (Verschiffung)

LandyBears, Dienstag, 24. Juli 2018, 17:37 (vor 454 Tagen)


We will ship our Landrover Defender 110 from Rotterdam to Montevideo mid October 2018. Got a quote from IVSS for a 40ft container (Export 2500 Euro + Import 2130$-2560$) / 2 = 2300-2500 Euro per car.

Export includes alll export costs, stuffing, trucking, customs, Import is estimation and to be paid in MVD. No guarantee, suprises are possible.

Please contact us in case you are interested to share this container or if you have a better opportunity to share :-).

We would also love to hear from those who have already done this with IVSS. Thank you for sharing your experience. Links are welcome, too.

PS: We know that Roro is cheaper. Please do not comment about this fact here.



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