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Camper Van in Santiago zu verkaufen (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Ines Haitzinger @, Santiago, Chile, Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018, 03:30 (vor 220 Tagen)

Hallo an alle,
nach einer wunderschönen und aufregenden Zeit in Südamerika geht's bald wieder zurück nach Hause. Wir suchen daher einen neuen Besitzer für unseren treuen und zuverlässigen Mitsubishi L300 alias 'Ernesto'. Alle Infos weiter unten - bei Fragen meldet euch jederzeit gerne :)
Liebe Grüße, Ines

Whatsapp: 0043 6603170878
Email: ines_hai@hotmail.com

7,500 USD

Mitsubishi L300 2.0L (Year: 2009)
Manual 5 speed gearbox
3 front seats

*Registered: Chile

*Fuel: 2.0L Gasoline (about 9L/100km)

*Engine & mileage: The body and engine have about 160,000 km, it's the original engine. There was a mechanical check in January and June 2018. Everything was fine and passed the ‘Revision tecnica’ easily. Things that had been changed:
- New 4 tires + 1 spare
- New 4 spark plugs
- New oil and filter
- New battery with 1 year guarantee
- New booster cables
- New control arm + ball joint on the right
- New air filter
- Added extra battery for lightning and phone charging
- Added new interior led lights

*Administrative: Papers are up to date.
- Revision tecnica valid until June 2019
- Circulation permit valid until March 2019
- Insurance (SOAT) valid until March 2019
- Mercosur international insurance valid until August 2018

*Fines: none

*Availability of the vehicle: End of July 2018 in/around Santiago

*Aside from a few little things but nothing major the van is in a very good condition. The van drives really smooth, top speed 130 km/h in highway.

- 2 burner stove with a 2 LBS gas cylinder tank
- Coleman cooler box
- Basic cooking cutlery: Plates, glasses, pans, spoons, forks, bowls, etc.
- Foldable camping table
- 2 camping chairs

- Really comfortable foam mattress 150x190
- Cushions, bedsheets, 2 extra blankets
- New warm duck-feather duvet

*Interior of Vehicle:
- Cosy led light system
- Sliding table mounted to kitchen
- Kitchen storage for food and kitchen equipment
- Kitchen bench with storage space underneath
- Two big sliding drawers and another big storage compartment under the bed
- new roof rack and a 40L PVC shower with hose extension
- 20L spare gasoline tank on the roof

Price: 7500 USD


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