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NOW FOR SALE! TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 4.0 AUTOMATIC +/-155.000KM (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Dear travellers,

We are Bart & Nienke from Holland. We're traveling for a year trough South-America. We did this by plane, boat, bus and our own car that we bought in Santiago. With this car we discover Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and after this it is time to sell it. We hope to find a new owner for this car to make a great trip! Just what we did.

What we like about having our own car: you can go everywhere you want, most of the times you don't need a tour because you can go by yourself (it's save a lot of money), you can sleep in the car and We have the camping-life!

About the car:

Toyota 4Runner SR5 4.0 Automatic
Build: 2007
Color: Grey Metallic
+/- 155.000KM


In this Toyota you can sleep in the car. You can changed the normal settings easily in a sleep place for 2 persons. Here a list of the car equipments

- Electric windows, even te backwindow
- Centralized doorlock
- New radio, USB, Bluetooth and Plug-in
- Fueltank 65L
- Roofrack (adjustable)
- Reserve wheel and tools to change

What can you find in the car (ready to go)

2x Mattress
2x Sleepmattress (for under the mattress, more comfortable)
2x Sleepingbag (also good for cold temperatures -8)
1x Outdoortent (all-seasons - 2 persons)
1x Summertent (Perfect for warm nights - 2 persons)
2x Extra blanket
2x camping chair
2x Small seat
1x Solarshower 40L
1x Watertank 20L
1x Gas jerrycan 20L
1x Fishing rod
1x Gas coocker
1x Gasburner for gasbottle
1x Grill-iron for BBQ
1x Saucepan (small and big)
1x cookingpan
1x cookingpan (can used by campfire)
Cutlery for 4 persons + meatknife
2x tupperware box
3x Plastic box
1x Rope
1x campingsail (strong)


For us a great car to travel and make some memories. We hope the same for the next owner.

Interested? Send a email to bartmali@hotmail.com or Whatsapp: 0031618806937. (Answer when we have wifi)

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