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Aug 2018 Yucatan/Belize/Guatememal '06 E150 CAMPER US PLATES (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

jokksi, Montag, 11. Juni 2018, 17:09 (vor 226 Tagen)

Keyfacts: Ford Econoline '06 E150 4.6L V8 160k Miles, gasoline, Florida Plates, foam mattress bed, drives 5 ppl & sleeps 2 ppl, front and rear AC, Camping and Travel Gear included.

In August we are going to sell our van in which we've been traveling since March. It's an '06 E150 with the 4.6L V8 with currently 160k miles on it.
The bed consists of two foam matrasses laying on the folded rear bench. Within 5 minutes you can convert the bed back to a bench with 3 seats, safety belts included.
We built a shelf to be able to store some stuff and cook inside the van when it rains. Otherwise we cooked at the trunk. That's were another little shelf is.

We bought the van in march in florida and took it through the US and Mexico. Upon buying the car we bought new tires, a new battery and got an oil change. So far we drove 8k miles without any breakdowns. Over the time we refilled 500ml of fluid into the differential drive. The pinion seal on the differential is not tight, that's where the leak is. This could easily be repaired, but refilling every couple thousand miles is an easy alternative. Even for non mechanics like us. The glass of one side mirror is cracked. We did not repair it because it makes the van look less valuable. Apart from this, no leaks or problems. The thing drives rock solid. We drive very reasonable and typically get 18 mpg (15l / 100km). Another thing we like about this ride is that you can easily convert it back into the passenger van it used to be. That's why you can simply search CL or KBB for a similar van and now exactly what it should be worth. No weird 20 year old kitchen and interior that is hard to be priced correctly.

Some other random highlights: All side and rear windows are tinted, mosquito proof slide-windows, radio with aux-input, US plates for easy transfer, originated in FL with no rust!, ability to transport 8" surfboards inside the van, and keep them there during the night as well

Here's a list of stuff that comes with the car:

Camping and kitchen gear:
water container with tap (22l / 6gal)
water container with button tap for washing stuff
spare water container (7l / 2gal)
Coleman Two Burner Stove
4 x Corel dish sets (more durable than porcelain, not as poor as plastic)
cutlery, pan, pot, cutting boards, kitchen towels, etc...
Coleman Cooler 50qt
plastic wash basin
2x camping chairs

2x foam mattresses 180x140cm (6ftx4ft 7in)
Blanket and 2 pillows
Curtains for all windows except driver and co driver window (seats are big enough to cover)
Heatshield for the windshiled
LEDs above the bed
Solar powered LED light

6x storage boxes in the DIY shelf
1x large storage box under the bed for clothes
2x storage boxes in the trunk for cutlery and dishes
1x storage box between driver and co-driver
3x large and hidden storage space between the interior and the car body
lots of smaller storage units
lots of hooks to hang stuff
~30ft Extension cable, to get the power into the van
12V to USB charger
12V Vent for the hot nights
50W flexible solar panel (which seems to be supplying far less, but enough to charge your phones while parking)

shovel, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, screws, nails, ducktape, electric tape, digital multimeter, crimping tools, wires, ratchet set, cable ties, work gloves, wires, jump starter set, AA and AAA batteries, ...

We are planning to sell the van somewhere around yucatan, belize or guatemala. We don't have our flights booked yet and are pretty flexible around that area. We are planning to only take our personal belongings with us, so you basically just have to bring your clothes to get the trip started. We would love to see someone else overlanding with this ride, instead of selling it to a random car dealer.

Upon request I'll send a lot more pictures. You can contact me via jokksi a| gmail com

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