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6000USD Ford Expedition 4WD 2003 CamperSUV July /San Diego (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Sina und Thorsten @, Freitag, 08. Juni 2018, 20:35 (vor 230 Tagen)

Hi we are a couple from Germany and we are selling our 2003 Ford Expedition 4WD camper SUV in San Diego area in July 2018.
We have been travelling in this truck for 7 months and it has been totally reliable.
It is in excellent condition and well taken care of!

- drive: 4wd
- fuel: gas (regular)
- odometer: 112798 mi
- paint color: silver
- title status/registration: clean/California
- transmission: automatic
- cylinders: 8

After purchasing 12/2017, we converted the Expedition into a camper van but the bed can be easily taken out so that you have a 2nd and 3rd seat row.The car comes with camping equipment:
- very comfy mattress (queen size!)
- pillows and blankets
- camping gas stove
- dishes and cooking utensils
- mosquito net
- table
- shovel
- 3 boxes for storage
- 2 Surfboards/Longboards (9´4 & 9´2)!!!

For pictures and more information please contact us.
We are asking 6000 USD for our beloved home.

Sina & Thorsten

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