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Auto mittels "poder" verkaufen (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 06. Juni 2018, 00:05 (vor 260 Tagen) @ Kathi

There seems to be as many solutions to this problem as there are people buying and selling vehicles so don't be surprised if you get lots of sure-fire methods from lots of people. Constant requests for Buying and Selling 101 but it is complicated by the number of combinations and permutations that have to be taken into account. Nationality of buyer and seller, country of registration of the vehicle, which country the exchange is to take place, which border is to be crossed first, where you want to go, whether the vehicle can be legally transferred back in the country of origin, whether the TVIP is still current, whether the seller will be there at handover etc etc.

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