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7-8 Monate USA Kanada (Sonstiges)

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Yes, you can spend 6 months in USA and then cross the border and as long as you never return, US immigration won't care.

I recently emailed US immigration asking if there was any number of days in Canada or Mexico that would reset the clock and their reply was the clock could only be reset by flying out of North America. I know that isn't always true and figures of 30 days have been suggested, but without certainty, I figure it is wisest to take worst case rather than most optimistic. I've also three times asked the man at the entry desk at the airport if he could give me a few weeks extra so we could spend more time in Canada and their stock answer in two airports across the country was NO, we want you to go home. Stock answer of course.

BTW "Diesel is not widely used, so there could be problems with repairs." not true, Diesel is everywhere from the top of Alaska to Ushuaia. What might not be everywhere though is quality diesel to suit Euro 6 engines.

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