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7-8 Monate USA Kanada (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Samstag, 02. Juni 2018, 03:05 (vor 726 Tagen) @ hjfampa

Guess you know that there are time restrictions imposed by the USA and it includes time spent in all three north American Countries.

We bought a 35' motorhome sight unseen and own it via a Montana LLC which works very well. No sales tax or inspections and if the vehicle is more than 10 years old then you can get permanent registration. Otherwise registration can be renewed online.

A foreigner can own and LLC and the LLC can own as many vehicles, boats or planes as you want.

We insure it with Progressive insurance.

We also bought a F350 plus camper in South America and it was also owned by our LLC so there were no problems getting the registration documents and license plates. When we sold it, the new owner also bought it using a LLC and so he was able to get his new documents and plates all done via the internet and email.

We have had the motorhome for about 8 years and store it in various locations in the USA and come back every year. Insurance is cancelled when we leave and restarted when we come back and of course it always remains registered. No problems taking it into Mexico or Canada but of course because we don't own it, I as director of the LLC have to give myself permission to take it across borders. The aduana in Mexico always ask for it.
You can keep driving south if you want and the permanent registration means it will always be legal. Montana requires that it be appropriately insured so as long as you take out any mandatory liability insurance required by the countries you visit, the registration will always be legal

BTW we have spent all parts of the year there. Summer head north and winter head south so never any need to be excessively hot or excessively cold - although this trip I mis-timed it a bit. Arrived in Texas to 35 to 40C temperatures which is way beyond my comfort level so the aircon are blasting away all day as we head asap towards Canada and Alaska

Tony Lee
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