Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Hilfe wie verkaufe ich mein Auto in Südamerika (Papierkram)

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We used one that was very cheap (compared to what they charge in Argentina anyway) and very helpful despite the language problems

Mauricio Bertolino Rendic
Notario de Santiago
Fono 225860475
Email: mbr@notariabertolino.cl
A. Vespucio 1737 * Local BP 164
Huechuraba * Santiago

A google maps search for Notario Santiago bertolino" will find it. Don't worry about the poor review star count - they all have similar and once you visit and see the chaos you will understand why"

Their office is in the grounds of a large shopping centre. Absolute bedlam first thing but quiets down eventually. They do have a take a ticket system but I think we gringos are allowed to go to the counter directly

The do have a formal document available online that is intended for the use of locals when selling cars, but he wrote

"In my opinion, that document is unnecessary and, I understand, it will be granted for the peace of mind of who is going to drive the vehicle. So the things, I believe that the owner must grant an authorization to the person who is going to drive (not a power).

Do it as authorization, identifying the owner-grantor of the document, the vehicle that will be driven and the third party that will drive."

I don't think I have a copy of what I ended up with as it is back in Australia but it obviously worked OK as the buyer couldn't do the plate swap at a couple of borders because they were colocated so he used the document to cross into three different countries before being able to swap plates and use his own offical ownership documents.

There is one senior person in the office on the ground floor who speaks excellent English

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