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War dies hier nicht früher ein deutschsprachiges Forum? (Sonstiges)

Ivan Bustor @, Freitag, 11. Mai 2018, 18:14 (vor 257 Tagen) @ keine Ahnung von niks

Yes. And it still is.
But as this forum is now mainly for buying and selling, I really don't know how could someone complain about more people advertising more cars here.
More to choose from = better. Or no?

Most of the people advertising the cars here are not german, but they are usually not british nor american (me included). They just happen to speak english, which is considered to be kind of universal travel language - so they post their ad in that one.
Not many people would learn different language just to post a car for sale on that or those forum, so I think it's reasonable they write in english, that most people (especially in germany) understand anyway.

If you your point is to push the rule of strict german-only, you'd loose about half of the cars on sale advertised here. I don't think anybody wants this, but hey - your rules :)

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