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VAN FOR SALE MEXICO MAY-JUNE 2018 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Nissan Ichi Van for Sale - Affordable and Reliable

We bought this van in November 2017 and have travelled throughout Mexico and Guatemala in it. We converted the van into a camper with a comfortable double bed, and ample storage including three large storage boxes, one used for kitchen, one used for bathroom and one used for miscellaneous items. We have had no issues with the van, we have purchased and installed a new computer for the van when we first bought it, and have not had any problems with it since, recently we have changed the oil.

Rear Wheel Drive
Manual Transmission
Gasoline 4 cylinder engine

Cooler Bag
Tupperware Storage
A set of cutlery (and holder) and utensils for cooking (knifes spatula ect)
1 chopping board
Plastic bowls and plate, mugs.

• Two large roll out drawer for wardrobe (see photos below)
• Tool kit and jerrycan.
• Bed head storage include, three large storage boxes, constructed out of ply, with three functional hinged lids. One storage box is used for kitchen, one for bathroom, and one for miscellaneous items.

The van is extremely economic on fuel, we have never had any problems and has gotten us to many off the beaten track camping spots.

We are asking for any offers above $4,500US

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are hoping to sell out van in Cancun at the end of May or the start of June. Can be flexible to a point.

Email - elizabolger91@gmail.com

WhatsApp - +502 3308 6411


Eliza and Steve


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