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Selling Ford F-150 with little home, in Colombia (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Remo Fässler @, Freitag, 04. Mai 2018, 18:45 (vor 21 Tagen)
bearbeitet von Remo Fässler, Freitag, 04. Mai 2018, 19:05

We are selling our lovely car with everything you need inside for your perfect journey!
After 5 month of travel with this car, it finally comes to an end. We are looking for new owners at the end of may in Colombia. But the location isn‘t fixed yet, so we are pretty flexible.
The car is in very good condition.
For more information or questions please contact me via E-Mail at: remo.faessler@bluewin.ch

Best regards Mara and Remo from Switzerland

Car informations:
Ford F-150 Pickup XL + Canopy
Year: 2002
Cylinders V6
~200‘000 km
long box
3 seats
belly bars to fix a camper

matrace, pilliows, duvets, blankets
stove with two burners
40lb + 5lb propane tanks
cooling box
pots, pan, bowls, etc.
plates, glasses, cups, etc.
cutlery, cooking cutlery
foldable sink
solar shower
3 camping chairs
campact table coleman 70x70cm
tent + air matrace + air pump
two big raintarps
storage boxes

US$ 4200


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