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Auto in Argentinien kaufen und in Kolumbien verkaufen? (Papierkram)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Freitag, 04. Mai 2018, 02:17 (vor 832 Tagen) @ pickypalla

Correct about not being able to take an Arg-registered car out of Arg. Some look to buy a Chilean car in Chile but that is also not necessarily a smooth process either

Many foreigners do swap/purchase/borrow foreign cars in Argentina even though it certainly is illegal and while most manage it OK, a few have come to grief and even had their cars confiscated. I've bought two cars and sold one and had no problems (apart from losing sleep over what COULD HAVE gone wrong)

Peru is very inconsistent with its treatment of cars being driven under a Poder and some get through OK while others get turned back. Southern border of Mexico is said to be problematic as well.

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