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Mitsubishi L300 (2009) NOW-end of April in/around Santiago (Sonstiges)

Svea, Sonntag, 22. April 2018, 19:11 (vor 304 Tagen)
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Hey guys,

we are selling our lovely van in/around Santiago.

Mitsubishi L300 (Year: 2009)

*Registered: Chile
*Fuel: gasolina
*Engine & mileage: The body and engine have about 155,000 km, it's the original engine. There was a mechanical check in January 2018. Everything was fine. The only things that had to be changed were the following items:
- New oil and filter
- New battery with 1 year guarantee
- New Booster cables
*Condition of the tires: 4 tires in good condition (1 is brand new) + spare wheel
*Fines: none
*Administrative: Papers are up to date. We just renewed the circulation permit and the insurance (valid until March 2019).
*Availability of the vehicle: End of April in/around Santiago

*Selling price 7,900 USD

The van drives really smooth and comes with the following equipment:

- 2 burner stove with a 2 LBS gas cylinder tank
- camping cooler box
- Basic cooking cutlery: Pans, spoons, forks, bowls, Alu lunch boxes etc.
- little foldable camping table

- really comfortable foam mattress 150x190
- cushions, bedsheets and a day cover bed sheet

Interior of Vehicle:
- Sliding table mounted to kitchen
- Kitchen storage for food and kitchen equipment
- Kitchen bench with storage space underneath
- Two big sliding drawers and another big storage compartment under the bed
- new roof rack and a 40L PVC shower with hose extension
- 20L spare gasoline tank



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