Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Offene Vollmacht (poder) (Papierkram)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Donnerstag, 19. April 2018, 21:00 (vor 595 Tagen) @ Frank

Ah, OK. I did also get a poder in Chile - far cheaper than in Arg and didn't realise that you could leave the buyer's name off it. Makes sense in that it really isn't fully open because they have to go to get the process completed.

Could be that the notary in BA might be able to arrange a similar process if you don't know the name of the buyer but it could involve a few days delay because the notary has to send the documentation to a higher authority for ratification and a couple of extra stamps. This is one of the ones I got.


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