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RV inspection in Santiago, Chile? (Sonstiges)

Du+Nica, Dienstag, 17. April 2018, 22:07 (vor 309 Tagen)

Hello everyone,

We found a used motorhome that we think will serve us well. It's based on a Peugeot Boxer L2 diesel open-chassis (same chassis as the Fiat Ducato, but with a different engine -- please see also the other message we just posted here), with the rear "home" part custom-built locally. It was adapted with dual rear axles, so we're pretty confident it will handle our load requirements (we want at least 800kg of cargo capacity).

It seems well built and well maintained and FWIW the owner says he bought it new himself and had it custom-built, and that he has complete build and maintenance records (we haven't checked yet).

Right now, we want to hire a mechanic specialized in RVs to inspect both its "vehicle" parts (engine, suspension, etc.) and its "house" parts (refrigerator, stove/oven, toilet, electric/hydraulic/propane installations, see if there is no damage by infiltration, etc) so we can move ahead with the negotiations.

Can any of you please recommend a specialized RV mechanic at or around Santiago, Chile who is both competent and reliable, that we can hire for that?

PS: we have already searched at http://www.ioverlander.com/ and there are hundreds of mechanics mentioned there, but we haven't found any that was recommended for doing inspections.

Thank you very much,
Du & Nica.

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