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Warmwasser auf längerer Reise (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Montag, 16. April 2018, 22:04 (vor 210 Tagen) @ Stromgenerator HondaEU10i für Panamerica

It is an inefficient way of getting a few litres of water hot enough for a shower and a propane stove would do the job faster and in almost complete silence AND would warm the interior up at the same time.

However, propane supplies can be hard to find while gasoline is plentiful everywhere so assuming you do have other uses for the generator and have the room, it is probably not a bad addition to your rig. Add a small fan heater and a small electric cook top and you have heating and cooking backups for when the propane runs out

Another consideration is given the relatively small size of your water tanks, can you afford to use lots of water for showers on the road when a couple of litres of warm water and a sponge will do a very satisfactory job of keeping clean.

Common complaint from generator users is it is almost impossible to stop the smell of gasoline unless it is carried in an external compartment and of course the gasoline container really should be carried outside the living quarters

Overall, unless you have other essential uses for the generator, the hassles of carrying it and the fuel container and the extra weight and volume it takes up would not be worth it just to heat a few litres of water for a shower.

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