Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Corumba nach Porto Jofre wohmo verladen (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 11. April 2018, 05:37 (vor 192 Tagen) @ fiditeam

We had a whole barge unit to ourselves so it was fairly expensive but we had the best seat in the house - right at the front with the breeze blowing in the camper door and plenty of room to put out the chairs

Pictures with descriptions at https://get.google.com/albumarchive/114611728110254134379/album/AF1QipMMXpQgY...

starting about 1/4 the way down.

One trap is where they want you to get off can involve fairly dangerous situation if they expect you to get off at the end of the main road. We refused and they found a much better place 100 metres upstream

Tony Lee
Photos at https://picasaweb.google.com/114611728110254134379
Travels map at https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=5cfc50ef7ac22ca2d&hoursPast=2400&...

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