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Camper Ende Aug./Anfang Sept. 2018 f. 2 Pers. in Südamerika (Fahrzeug gesucht)

Yasmine ⌂ @, Sonntag, 01. April 2018, 00:08 (vor 202 Tagen) @ Lisa und Manuel

Hallo zusammen
Wir verkaufen unseren Mitsubishi L300 4x4 im August in Kolumbien ider Ecuador. Wir sind seit September unterwegs und fahren von Chile nach oben. Ich hänge hier mal unser Inserat an, das ich bald veröffentlichen werde. Ein Mitsubishi L300 ist toll, man hat wenig Problwme und findet überall Ersatzteile. Wir würden euch die gesamte Ausrüstung zum Campen und so dalassen. Fotos hats ein paar auf unserem Blog www.limettengruen.com oder ich kann euch auch mehr senden.
Liebe Grüsse

This campervan has been in our possession since beginning of september 2017 and has been very reliable on every type of road in South America. We don’t want to drive in Centralamerica, for this reason we would be selling the car anywhere we could head to in this time. At the end of july we’ll probably be somewhere in Colombia.
The car comes with a lot of equipment and extras, so you will have everything you need to overland through South America. There’s a lot of space to store stuff, still, when cold and rainy outside, you can hang out & cook inside and watch a movie.
This van is very common here and very reliable, which gives you many advantages: Obviously you’re not that exposed as with other vans uncommon here, you will get spare parts all around South America, and every mechanic knows how to fix stuff. If you’re good with cars (or interested in learning it) you can fix most by yourself. It is a 4 x 4 (with manual differential) and has a good ground clearance, so no worries driving difficult roads. We bought it from other travellers in Santiago de Chile and drove all the way up. Currently on 290 000km, new engine with 167000km. We did general revisions and oil changes every 7000 km. Naturally, with its 24 years the van has some scratches, bruises, and rusty parts, but nothing extraordinary.
The previous owners just bought new a/t-tyres and brakes before we bought it.

Solar panel 100w & battery 135ah with controller and extra 12v socket (for loading your mobile phone or any other device powered by usb) & Power Inverter 350W (12V to 220V) (for charging and running notebook etc.)
Super fridge with freezer powered by solar panel/engine while driving
Gas double stove + gas bottle
12v pump (if you ever feel the urge to shower outside)
A small heater if you would be really cold
Camping table & 2 chairs
Hammock & ropes
Awning 240x240 (so you can sit outside in the shadow, or out of the rain)
Bed 120x240 with pillows
3 Person-Tent with awning (so you can store gear & you’re able to cook inside)
Fully equipped kitchen (pots, coffee maker, water cooker, cups, plates. etc.)
2 X25l water tanks
1x20l diesel jerry tank
12V dry & wet cleaner
tool box & most stuff you need to maintain the car
fire exhauster, first aid kid, emergency wests and much more
Radio with Bluetooth, USB, and AUX, hands-free

Price: 8´000.- USD or best offer

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